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Managing Perfectionism

Doing our best in all that we do is a great quality that we should all aim for.  Trying to be perfect, or trying to perform at your absolute best all the time however is impractical and can really act to undermine your mental health. Perfectionism is founded on an excessive fear of making mistakes and the concern that making mistakes might make you less successful, likeable or even less worthy.

Sometimes, individuals who struggle with perfectionism might have the following beliefs:
🤜🏽 I must get things right the first time
🤜🏽Making mistakes brings nothing good
🤜🏽Trying some new that I am not good at is pointless
🤜🏽I don’t celebrate my successes because I feel like I can always do better

This video aims to give a few tips to help manage perfectionism.

It is good to know, Griffith students are also able to access a range of support services all available through the following link: https://www.griffith.edu.au/student-mental-…/wellness-centre

Mini-tour of the Griffith Online Health and Wellness Centre

This online website is an amazing source of health information as well as a great way to navigate to support services around and beyond the university. Through this website, you can access support ranging from mental health to financial assistance plus much much more. Through accessing this website, I found out about service and initiatives around the university that I had no idea were there!

If you haven’t yet checked out Griffith Online Health and Wellness Centre, I highly recommend you do!

The website to acces this is: Online Health & Wellness Centre

App Preview - Stoic Mental Health Tracker

This week I wanted to share with you all a quick insight into a mental health tracking app I have recently been experimenting with. This app is called Stoic.

Why use a mental health tracking app?
Mental health tracking apps can help provide a more user freindly way of practicing mindfulness. This app specifically also offers prompts and templates that can help make journaling and mental health breaks a lot easier to navigate. Mental health tracking apps can also foster positive habits around mindfulness. This app allows users to better understand what factors influence their mood.

Ultimately, I found this app to be a great addition to my busy life as a full time student. Mindfulness is very individual in nature, so finding a method and medium that works best for you is so important!

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Getting ready for professional placements 

Quite a few students are involved in a professional placement at some point across their degree. I personally am heading to placement starting from next week! Placements can be quite nerve-racking yet exciting experiences that demand a lot of adaptation from the individual. In preparing for this experience, we need to consider strategies for mental and emotional readiness as we ease into a completely new and foreign environment.

The three key tips for placement I have included in this video are:
1) Showing enthusiasm : think positive-growth mindset. Placement is a unique learning opportunity! The goal of placement is growth not perfection.
2) Being professional and prepared: this involves preparing ahead of time, ensuring that key times, people and places are noted.
3) Self-care: Self-care is a set of tools or strategies we use to look after our health and wellbeing. Self-care is important because if we are not mentally well, we cannot fulfil our role, and it may put us at risk of fatigue and burnout in a workplace setting.

Self-care tips 🤸🏼‍♀️🍃:
– Eat well and keep up your water intake
– Socialise: get to know the other students on placement
– Establish methods to keep in touch with your University friends and family
– Get in touch with university-based support services for support (e.g. counselling)
– Exercise: join the gym or attend local groups (e.g. yoga)
– Meditation or relaxation; listen to calming music after work or before you go to bed
– Establish good Sleep Hygiene

It’s good to know students can access a number of support services, many of which can be accessed remotely (over the phone or online). Find out more on https://www.griffith.edu.au/student-mental-…/wellness-centre

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Preparing for a new Trimester: Mindset

This week, I’ve used this segment to reflect on my own experiences of uni particularly focusing on how important the role of positive mindset has been during my journey.

Some takeaways points from this reflection were:

1) The concept of self-fulfilling prophecy= come in with a positive mindset. A negative mindset translates into our reality. But so too does a positive mindset!

2) Find out your “why”= this means having a goals-based discussion around what motivates you and what you seek out of being at university.

3) Seek an enriched experience= university is a unique period in our lives. Taking opportunities to try new things, meet new people and challenge ourselves outside the immediate demands of our degrees can really help to develop a positive mental association with university.

Wishing everyone luck in the new trimester! You got this 😃

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A Students Tale: Exam Prep

Exams for a lot of students are just around the corner and these may be quite stressful times as a result. I myself have 2 exams next week and the nerves are starting to kick in.

To help prepare, I wanted to share some tips to help ease the nerves:
1) pack your bag the night before
2) check the exam time and venue ahead of time (If applicable)
3) Make yourself aware of where you are accessing an online exam from
4) Eat a healthy breakfast to help fuel you on the day
5) Spend the minutes before the exam relaxing
6) On beginning the exam, take a deep breath and try and cancel out thoughts other than what’s on the exam paper.
7) After the exam, reflect but do not dwell. Move on.

It is also good to know Griffith students can access a range of services from the University including the Mental Wellbeing Support Line which is available 24/7 by calling 1300 785 442 or by texting 0488 884 146
Other supports can be accessed at griffith.edu.au/wellness-centre

Good luck on your exams 🤞🏽 you can do this!!!!

Rest and Relaxation: Road Trip

This week, I’m taking you along a road trip with my friend Olivia as we both take a break from study and work to enjoy nature!

Taking a break is so very important for maintaining our mental health! Working for long stretches without breaks leads to stress and exhaustion. Taking breaks refreshes the mind, replenishes your mental resources, and helps you become more creative. These benefits are even greater when taking a break in nature which can help centre us.

Exams: Old School Exam vs Online Exams

One really important focus I have in my own life during this exam season as well as trimester has been on maintaining a positive outlook. At times , big changes in what we see as the norm are hard to digest, however trying to keep an optimistic viewpoint has proved so helpful to my mental-health and wellbeing. 
When I find myself in a situation I perceive to be negative, I like to ask myself:
1) What is one thing that is positive or good about this situation?
2) What is one opportunity for growth within this situation?
Sometimes we need a bit of time to process our thoughts and feelings when things change. It’s important to allow that time!