Tutoring Service

We have heard your feedback and are building a more accessible learning community! Your Student Representative Council (SRC) brings you a new Academic Tutoring App as our latest initiative and we have partnered with VYGO to make it happen. 

We understand that study can be challenging and at times isolating. Vygo aims to connect high achieving tutors with students in a way that makes sense to you! Our new initiative is the easiest way to find a peer academic tutor (fellow students who achieved a distinction or higher in your course), chat and book in a 1:1 session to get help and unleash your academic potential!

*This is a paid service with fees negotiated between tutors and students within the app.

Browse the Vygo app to find a peer tutor who can assist you in your studies. Finding a peer tutor could help you to:

  • Focus-in and deepen your understanding of tricky topics;
  • Make connections and;
  • Feel more confident and nail your coursework.

Share your academic knowledge and educational experience with fellow students. If you have achieved a distinction or higher you are eligible to become a peer tutor. Becoming a peer tutor will help you:

  • Build soft skills that could boost your career trajectory;
  • Earn an extra income that can fit in around your studies and;
  • Create meaningful connections and build a learning community.

Learn more by visiting the VYGO FAQ at: help.vygoapp.com

Download the app or register online today by clicking the button below: