What is WALi?

The Wellness Advocacy and Leadership Initiative was developed and piloted late 2018 and is back in full swing come Trimester 1 2019.

Our WALi’s are a point of connection for students seeking information and guidance about mental health and well being, with a focus on promoting healthy coping strategies, connecting students with appropriate support services and contributing to a campus culture that encourages conversation, connection and help seeking.

WALi’s are Griffith enrolled students, who have the knowledge to refer students on to appropriate services. They are a friendly and regular face on campus, someone with whom students can check in with throughout trimester and exam periods. Our WALi’s will also attend student association events as a point of contact for students who might need some support.

We have big plans for WALi in 2019! With a host of events planned including: O’Week Market Stalls, Market Day Stalls, Wellness Head Quarters throughout trimester and Walk N Talk events. Stay tuned to this page for the latest information!

If you have any questions about this program, please direct them to advocacy@griffith.edu.au