Q & A – Can I still come onto campus?

Griffith University have provided the following information below in regards to returning back onto campus.  The SRC recommends regularly checking Coronavirus information for students page to keep up to date with the latest news. 


Q: Can I still come onto campus?

A: All Griffith University campuses remain closed for the time being, meaning most on-campus facilities (gyms, library, indoor sporting facilities and the Multi-Faith Centre) are shut. Child care services on our campuses remain open as per government advice.
It’s okay to come to campus to access the following facilities, but please abide by social distancing rules (remain 1.5m apart from other people at all times):

🖥️ Designated computer labs (view available labs: https://app.griffith.edu.au/available-computers)

🏥 Health and Medical Services (book an appointment online: https://griffith.edu.au/health-service)

👉 See the latest updates: https://griffith.edu.au/coronavirus