Free Tax Education Seminar – Taxing your studies: What do university students need to know about tax?

Studying at university is an exciting time for many students with the prospect of their future careers. However, do students need to worry about tax? In this interactive workshop the following will be discussed:

  • Can students claim their text books as a tax deduction?
  • Do international students need to worry about Australia’s tax system?
  • What is the effect of receiving Austudy or ABStudy support?
  • What is the $250 reduction for self-education expenses?
  • Are HELP fee repayments tax deductible?
  • What happens if a student works part-time while studying?
  • Are scholarships taxable for students?


This seminar will be conducted by the tax professionals and student tax advisers at the Griffith Tax Clinic. The Griffith Tax Clinic is a friendly, student-run clinic that provides free tax advice to individuals and small businesses who currently do not have a registered tax agent.  For further information about the session and the Griffith Tax Clinics go to or email: contact  or 07 338 21177


Date and Time: Wednesday 29 January 2020 from 12noon to 1pm, at Griffith University’s Nathan campus (Building N78 Room 1.13).


Register to attend: While it is free to attend, please register to attend by Friday 24 January 2020.